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  • Lego #2-ish – DS4

    Lego #2-ish – DS4

    I have some others, but can’t find the pics at the moment. But this was a fun little project. One of the neat things I did was play with some of the included ideas, and it was interesting to see how they (the Lego peeps) simplified the design enough so it is recognizable. I think…

  • Lego #1 – The Mobile Recliner

    Lego #1 – The Mobile Recliner

    My bestie mentioned his son looking for his Legos and it occurred to me that I haven’t had a set in years. I ALMOST got the $30 medium set, but figured let’s start with a basic kit first, and go from there. I think I eventually want to make Swerve’s bar for all my bots…