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  • New ship day!

    New ship day!

    Playing some No Man’s Sky without the SpaceFace™ today, and found a new pointy ship! I really dig the colors, and it is a slight upgrade (C class to B) from my starter ship. Had a chance at a freighter earlier, but I’m holding out for a least an A class. If I’m gonna put…

  • OMEGA!


    A few other things going on (Aldo got a transplant, new Legos made) but I’ve been waiting a couple of weeks to get back into No Man’s Sky, and I knew an update was coming, having seen a Reddit post about the Beta branch being worked on. So I’m early enough in this new playthrough…

  • Gemini and Hesperus

    Gemini and Hesperus

    Was playing No Man’s Sky with my Space-Face (VR) last night and I’ve noticed that I always visit these two on the Anomaly during every new playthrough. I think the best part is the revisits, where they seem pleased to see me. Just a nice set of interactions that I’ve seen dozens of times, but…