Rebirthing the Remake. And my site.

So, here we are. Decided to give the ol’ blog a spin again, since social media is still largely annoying to me. I said to myself, self, make your very own echo chamber! And here it is. Meh, it will get better, is very much a work in progress. Which may or may not translate into “work on it when I feel like it.”

Anyway, this is my spot for whatever is on my mind. And since FF7:ReBirth is happening in about two months, I thought it might be fun to dust off FF7:ReMake (It has GOT to be a Nomura thing. Re-mura? ReMEH.) and give that a far more in depth playthrough. I never did any of the weapon proficiencies, so now I’ve got cool abilities I didn’t have before. It’s also helped a bunch with the early Chadley tasks.

Having a bunch of fun so far, will post more as I go. For now, have a wonderful weekend!






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