They are NOT toys…

Knick knacks, dang it!

Let’s see if I can name everyone…

L-R, front row – Optimus Prime, Blackarachnia (Transformers: Animated, who in this universe, was Elita One before being turned into a spider. Nice nod to G1 here!)
Jazz (from the ’84 reissue line, but is about 4 different versions of Jazz in one bot)
Prowl (Transformers: Animated. I saw a prototype in G1 colors, and now I kind of want to do it myself.)
Megatron (Transformers: Animated) and Megatron (Siege of Cybertron)
Ravage and Frenzy (’84, and yes, Rumble will always be the purple one to me!)
Rodimus (’86) and Rodimus (Siege of Cybertron – this one looks much closer to IDW Roddy)
Starfire and Silkie (Teen Titans GO!)

L-R, middle – Cyborg, Jynx, Robin, Blackfire (Teen Titans GO!) Rung (Wrung? Rong?) Swerve (’85 – HAD to have the bartender, yes?), Bumblebee (Dollar General ’07 movie tie in?), Beast Boy and Raven (Teen Titans GO!)

Behind the neck, Kup (’86 redesign), Ultra Magnus (Siege of Cybertron, and perhaps the best looking Magnus G1, ever!)

Back row – Bret Hart (BRETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!) and some punk from Chicago.

The wristband was a handmade gift from the Director of Hair in 2021 (East Aroura).






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