• Gemini and Hesperus

    Gemini and Hesperus

    Was playing No Man’s Sky with my Space-Face (VR) last night and I’ve noticed that I always visit these two on the Anomaly during every new playthrough. I think the best part is the revisits, where they seem pleased to see me. Just a nice set of interactions that I’ve seen dozens of times, but…

  • Stands? HAH!

    Stands? HAH!

    Self: I need a keyboard stand Also self: Hold mah cannabis infused beverage! Working on some fun video game covers; Zelda, Final Fantasy VII and Trails from the Sky! 😮

  • Rebirthing the Remake. And my site.

    Rebirthing the Remake. And my site.

    So, here we are. Decided to give the ol’ blog a spin again, since social media is still largely annoying to me. I said to myself, self, make your very own echo chamber! And here it is. Meh, it will get better, is very much a work in progress. Which may or may not translate…

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